Some Words From All Of You

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Here are a few testimonials from our program users...

Elisa, Parent

Really Ms. Jessie, the YouTube link you sent is amazing! Brilliant, super nice way of explanation! Easy catchy and just beautiful ❤️❤️

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Basia, Principal

I watched your videos, they are absolutely fantastic and so well presented. You two should get a job on a children's television. Outstanding!

Teresa, Parent

It is really great... even brother Kim repeats after you 😂

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Stepping Stones co-ordinator

Suitable for all - I love how you have the option to rewatch or watch specific target videos for sounds that need revision.

Edward, 6 year old

I like the games that Jessie and Isla do and my sister likes singing the song and I like the magic handwriting pencil.

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Ming, Parent

As a parent, these phonics videos are really easy to use. It is reassuring to know my son is now receiving the phonics support he needs to start to read and write.

Claire, Stepping Stones Director of Training & Curriculum

Your videos have been very well received in our programs in the fall semester. From the next spring semester, we plan to scale it up and start to test it in our online classroom teaching program. We are also going to use it in our self-study and after-school programs in Shanghai schools. We've been so grateful to you and Isla for your great efforts to make those amazing videos. They really help to close the gap for phonics teaching in our programs.

Stepping Stones Volunteer

I have learnt so much about phonics, I feel much better to support my children to read and write.

Katherine, Parent

Henry loves phonics and this will keep him occupied :) thank you so much again for sharing and wow amazing resource and for what a great cause :)